Who we are

Our Mission

Our society today is far from perfect. Socio-economic inequality is now at its highest level ever recorded, creating communities with giant disparities between people of different social and economic statuses. Those at the bottom of the so-called “societal ladder” are hit hardest by the world’s biggest issues, such as poverty, climate change, disease, and more. Thus, the primary mission of the LYOHS is to assist the countless citizens that have been left behind by society – those in need of greater opportunities for a bright future. We hope that with one project at a time, we can transform our community into a better place to live for all. 

the lyohs story

The Livingston Youth Organization for Human Services was founded on the firm belief that anyone, even youths, can make a difference in the community. We specifically want to empower youths by inspiring them to take initiative and create positive change. Although it’s based in the township of Livingston, the LYOHS is open for anyone from anywhere to get involved and participate. Because we uphold the philosophy that there is strength in numbers, the more people that join our organization, the stronger our initiative for providing human services becomes. 


— Our Origin

In January of 2020, a few extremely driven high school students took their passion for community service to new heights. With a bit of courage and support, these students banded together to form an organization with one goal: improving the lives of those in need. 


— Our Vision

The LYOHS envisions a community where various resources are readily available to those who need it. We hope to move our county one step closer towards a brighter future, where everyone has access to equal opportunities. 


— Our Progress

Thus far, the LYOHS has completed various community service projects. These have included township volunteer works and creative fundraisers for COVID-19 patients. We look to expand our organization and implement a plethora of new service events in the future. 

Meet our board


Matthew Zhang is the founder and president of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School. There, he is a captain of the Speech and Debate team, a sophomore class representative in the Student Government, and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. Matthew avidly participates in community service, consistently volunteering for his Church and School, independent service events, and large non-profit organizations. He is also a volunteer instructor at multiple debate camps that teach underprivileged kids public speaking and debate skills. Matthew’s favorite hobbies include playing basketball, reading, and doing creative writing. 


Harris Rosenthal is the chairman of LYOHS. He is an enthusiastic student with a love for learning and technology. Harris serves as the president of the Friendship Circle, an organization that helps kids with disabilities or special needs. Additionally, he is a passionate investor since age 8, who regularly attends the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. In spare time, Harris enjoys world travel and playing basketball. Harris believes in the philosophy, “The harder you work the luckier you get.” 


Anuvik Das is the service coordination executive of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School, and does many extracurricular activities such as basketball, Lincoln-Douglas debate, chorus, mock trial, and community service at various events and organizations. He has lots of experience volunteering for the West Essex YMCA, The Wounded Warrior Project, and the Livingston Public Library. Some of Anuvik’s favorite activities include playing sports and exercising. His favorite subject in school is any course that involves math. Anuvik is extremely optimistic about making a difference for the community with the LYOHS! 


Kishan Bava is is the chief financial officer of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School. He is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and the high school math team. Kishan has participated in many town clean-ups, volunteered for local non-profit organizations, and helped distribute food to impoverished children. Kishan has always had a deep interest in mathematics and has gone on to win many awards at numerous competitions. He gives back to his community by sharing his experiences and knowledge to younger kids in his town who also have an interest in math. During his free time, Kishan enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and reading.


Rishab Bamzai is the creativity director of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School.  At school, he participates in extracurricular activities such as baseball, speech and debate, and coding. Outside of school, Rishab enjoys playing all kinds of sports and even runs a YouTube channel where he creates and posts his very own music.


Raghav Ladda is the chief operating officer of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School. Raghav has done community service throughout his entire life, participating in food drives and fundraisers, along with his volunteer work at the Livingston Public Library where he would read to young children still developing their comprehension skills. Raghav’s hobbies include watching and playing sports, biking, playing the guitar, and reading.


Adarsh Patel is the chief technology officer of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School. Adarsh has been volunteering at B.A.P.S. non-profit charities, a youth development center, for over 10 years. At his school, he is a member of the Future Business Leader of America and the HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Adarsh is also a dedicated science student, as he is a member of the 3-year Science Research Program at LHS. Adarsh is an amazing content creator, and is skilled in design applications such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.


Zachary Feldman is the secretary of LYOHS. He is a sophomore at Livingston High School. Zach is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, and was a Freshman starter on the boys varsity soccer team. Zach’s community service experience is vast, having spent time volunteering at Friendship Circle and offering his time with children at his temple. In addition, Zach has recently become a member of Talenthood, a social media app that has helped Zach pass on his love of soccer to local children who also share that same passion, while raising money for three local charities through soccer practice lessons. In addition, Zach spends a great deal of time training and playing for his soccer club STA. Additional hobbies that Zach enjoys include, writing, and spending time with family and friends.



Nidhi Gosalia is a sophomore at Livingston High School. She has an extremely strong passion for community service, constantly spending her free time volunteering to teach students in the community or with the LHS Key Club. At schools, Nidhi is a sophomore class representative in the Student Government. She is also an avid member of the Speech team, Science Bowl team, Coding Club, and the LHS fencing team.


Dylan Perlstein is a sophomore at Livingston High School. At school, Dylan participates in multiple extracurricular activities, such as being a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and volunteering as a member of Key Club. He was also a valuable member of the Livingston Basketball program, where he played for the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams as a freshman. Dylan loves community service, as he has volunteered as a youth basketball coach for many years, and especially looks forward to working for the LYOHS as a board member! 


Neal Hejib is a sophomore at Livingston High School. He participates in many extracurricular activities such as Public Forum debate, the robotics team, and the soccer team. Neal has lots of community service experience from volunteering at Sanskriti in Livingston, New Jersey. Some of the hobbies that he is passionate about are sports and coding. His favorite subject in school is math and he is looking forward to helping the community with LYOHS. 



Jake Fersko is a sophomore at Livingston High School. There, he is a member of the FBLA community service committee, a Key Club member, and plays on the basketball and soccer teams. Jake has tried to help the community and the world starting at a young age. He has donated money to charities, assisted the organization of many different fundraisers, and helped kids with disabilities. In his free time, Jake loves to play sports and research all sorts of things.  He loves to give back to the community, since giving to others and seeing their joy makes him a happier person in turn!


Helen Cheng is a sophomore at Livingston High school. She actively volunteers at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and is the secretary for the Teen Leadership Council there. Helen has also been a volunteer soccer coach at summer camps for kids and now hosts free Zoom and live soccer sessions for the little children in her town. She plays competitive club soccer and in her free time, enjoys playing basketball, baking, running, and painting.


Isaiah Chang is a sophomore at Livingston High School. There, he has served as a class representative in the Student Government and is a member of the Model United Nations club. Isaiah plays basketball as a winter sport and lacrosse as a spring sport. His favorite subject is English. Isaiah serves at a homeless shelter from time to time in Hackensack, NJ often with his church. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.